trueX's full stack of engagement advertising
technologies is the highest monetizing
solution and the best consumer
experience in all of digital media.

Meet the Platform

Delivering Engagement Advertising

The trueX platform is the standard for engagement advertising. It delivers a better user experience and the
 highest quality of attention that brands need, achieving a higher price point from advertisers. Only premium
 publishers have the content that drives users to engage with an ad.

  • 100% User Opt In

  • 100% Share of Voice

  • 100% Viewable

  • 100% Bot Free

  • More Money Per Visit

How trueX Benefits Publishers

The platform was specifically designed to help publishers
 drive revenue and improve site experiences for users.
 Here is what the platform provides:

  • Higher Revenue, Fewer Ads

    trueX units are sold
     at 5-10x typical CPM rates.

  • New Ad Format for the Sales Team

    trueX provides a new premium ad unit and lets publishers create, serve and manage ads and revenue.

  • Cross Platform Monetization

    trueX mediates ad serving on web,
     tablet and mobile devices for your
     direct sales teams.

  • Improved User Experience

    trueX Users are given the choice to interact with ads for content instead of having their site experience consistently interrupted by ads.

  • Viewability and Fraud Detection

    trueX campaigns employ industry best services to detect and eradicate automated fraud, and to measure and report on key Viewability metrics.

Reporting & Analytics

The platform provides all the tools publishers need to maximize revenue by adding
engagement advertising. You can mediate all campaigns running on your site, set
your own bid minimums, and track daily and monthly revenue.


trueX is optimized
for viewing in Portrait orientation
on mobile devices.